Consolidating high interest debt, like credit card balances and auto loans into a low interest mortgage can save you thousands in interest. Mortgages come with the lowest interest rates because they are secured by an asset, your home.

To decide if the best option for you is to consolidate debt into your mortgage, start by determining how much available equity you have. In Canada, this is calculated by taking 80% of your home’s value and subtracting any existing mortgage, what remains is your equity.

Since refinancing requires changes to your existing contract with your lender and creating a new mortgage, you may have to pay a penalty. This penalty can vary due to a number of factors which is why we help you crunch the numbers in advance.

It’s certainly worth reviewing if you have any debt including credit card(s), loans or lines of credit; we’ll help you weigh out the costs of early payout penalty and merging your debt into your mortgage.

Life is a lot less stressful with one single payment.

We’re happy to help you review your situation anytime!


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